Reference structure


Breakdown Structure

As systematic way of identifying and structuring the technical breakdown structure in your product and/or project – based on Systems Engineering
principles and IEC standards.


A focused and systematic way of creating transparency, identify commonalities and align knowledge, insight and focus areas – The COMMON technical LANGUAGE and predecessor for all collaboration.


Tools and processes to identify and increase shared elements cross products and/or projects, to reduce number of variants create a more standardized technical platform.


A systematic approach to identify and increase the level and value by focusing on modularity in design and work processes – products as well as projects.


The principles and basis for your business to increase the configurable intelligence in your product and achieve “configure to order” projects – and avoid “one of” customized designs.

Reference structure

Our Connect Efficiency model is based on the holistic principles and respect for the fact that everything is interlinked in one or more relations. But still complexity can be handled and specific actions can be taken if we have the overview and a consistent and structured way of doing it, and then address the most powerful areas first of all!

Connect Efficiency Modules contains specific tools and processes, and can be used individually or in combinations.

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