Meta Management


To drive, support and inspire your organisation to change and improve your business and your ability to be Best in Class by reducing cost and complexity in your Products and Projects.

“To improve is to CHANGE – To be perfect is to CHANGE OFTEN”

– Winston Churchill

Convert complexity into profitable business accelerator and the benefit of human beings


Strive towards the better utilization and efficiency in tomorrow’s professional and technical oriented business.

Meta Management are driven by the desire to work with changes and improvements in a technically-based environment within the Product and Project related activities.

We like to identify and improve on the huge benefits there are in the tension between humans/organisations, the logical structuring of projects and products, and the intelligent use of the todays supportive CAD/PDM Tools.


Meta Management is built on an authentic and value based leadership mindset, and we see it as being very important to be able to fast and natural adapt to the specific sets of values that rules our customer.

Meta Management brings the following Core Values into your business:

Respectful Collaboration

We build sustainable business relations on respect and energized collaboration

Share Knowledge

We continuously improve business and develop people by sharing knowledge

Think and Act

As business leaders we always need to think long term and act short term

Authentic Engagement

As people leaders we act authentic and show real engagement in the team

Loyalty and Integrity

Good leadership is based on 100% loyalty and high personal integrity


Meta Management can support your business in different ways that all have the same fundamentally purpose – and that is to develop, grow and improve your business within the technical area of products and projects:


Value Proposition

Several factors make the Change Project Management or Interim Management offering from Meta Management extremely relevant and cost-effective to your organization, and among these should be mentioned e.g.:

Benefits in short

Bringing new knowledge and ideas into your business

Analytical and objectively focused on the best solution

Fast identifying your weaknesses and opportunities

Extensive leadership experience from other businesses

Open minded and energized input to your management team

Straight to the point and extremely goal oriented

Not burdened by any “personal or political” agenda

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We are a global company and therefore always easy to reach, even though time differences can be challenging.

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