Impactful collaborations and dynamic partnerships

Welcome to Meta Management’s collaborative ecosystem, where strategic partnerships form the foundation of innovation and progress. At Meta Management, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change in change management, structure and systematics, and simplification and modularization.


Martin Østergaard, as Associate Partner at Zillion Consulting Group (ZCG), contributes to end-to-end transformations in industrial business organizations.


ZCG's expertise includes supply chain design, turnaround and restructuring, sales strategy and operations, and commercial excellence. Through this collaboration, Martin taps into a community of experts, delivering outstanding solutions for Meta Management’s customers.


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Simplimize is an operational approach to simplify and modularize the product programs of companies. Martin Østergaard from Meta Management is a trained Simplimize consultant, specializing in executing complex simplification projects.


With expertise in the 6 Simplimize tools, Martin aids companies in reducing complexity and creating a flexible product platform aligned with development, production, sales, and customer needs.


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As a member of Asnet, one of Denmark's oldest and largest board networks, Martin can contribute with a wealth of expertise from entrepreneurship to leadership roles in prominent companies.


This background allows him to actively enhance board governance quality, benefiting shareholders, leadership, and employees. Asnet, fostering excellence in board work, serves as a dynamic hub where shared experiences and diverse professional backgrounds join to improve board governance.


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Business Esbjerg

Martin Østergaard serves as a business mentor at Business Esbjerg, offering strategic insights, growth planning, and business development ideas for members of Business Esbjerg.


Business Esbjerg provides diverse mentorship opportunities, emphasizing mutual respect and discretion. The flexible arrangement allows tailored mentorship, spanning 3-6 months and extendable for sustained business growth.


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Udvikling Vejen

Udvikling Vejen offers valuable support through its mentorship program, where experienced local partners, including Martin Østergaard, serve as dedicated business mentors. They provide guidance and advice, particularly in strategic planning and business development, assisting members in maintaining focus on key areas crucial for growth and sustainability.


Through posing challenging questions and setting goals, Martin and other mentors leverage their extensive business experience, each with specific expertise in their respective domains. The mentorship relationship is time-limited and is a complimentary service for Udvikling Vejen members with businesses in Vejen Kommune.


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