Our Connect Efficiency services and support is relevant for all types of industrial Product, Project and Engineering related business.

Meta Management is focusing and improving your “internal business efficiency” when it comes to Developing, Planning, Engineering, Producing and Delivering technical Products and/or Projects.

Our Connect Efficiency model is built on 5 vital areas that will increase your efficiency significantly, often based on tools, skills and knowledge that you already have inside your business.

Your Product and Project are core – so that’s why our Connect Efficiency model always will be based on, or start by building, a consistent and solid technical Reference Structure around your Product and/or Project to enable Optimisation and Standardisation.

The Connect Efficiency model will be lifting and bridging the technical complexity in your business into highly efficient, scalable and profitable synergies.

Increase efficiency in products and projects:

Why Connect your Efficiency

The game is changing NOW: We are already facing the next level of Industrial Revolution – towards digitalisation and Industrialisation 4.0 – are your business and technical structure behind it prepared for this?…..are you Ready for business 4.0 ?

Become the future Disruptive company:
“We are now living in a world where technology develops exponentially, not linearly. Any thing, any service, any business model and any industry can be disrupted”
Avoid yourself from being Disrupted!

To become an effective and successful business in the area and challenges that you are dealing with, and in today’s continuously and extremely fast changing marked where lead time on anything is crucial, workforce is more global, agile and digital knowledgeable than ever and where business success to a larger extent are depending on digitalisation and your capabilities of utilizing your CAD/PDM Tools, we all need to re-think our way of approaching and managing our business – reinforce our “Product and Project Intelligence”.

In the daily life you might see it as your business is being challenged by e.g:

  • Growth
  • Too high cost
  • Time-to-Market
  • New competitors
  • Merge/Acquisition
  • Multi locational collaboration
  • Techno-Commercial predictability
  • Increased Product variants
  • Increased Complexity
  • Etc.

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