The Voice of Modularity success

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The sound of success with MODULARIZATION requires Business Understanding

If you want to harvest the benefits of Modularization, you will also need to understand both the product’s Value Creation and its Challenges and thereby its impact throughout the value chain.

I experience companies that believe that Standardization and Modularization is something that must take place in Engineering or the Development department – and even someone who directly says “if we have to involve the entire organization, it will be far too difficult and complex…

To that I just have to say – THEN PLEASE STOP even thinking about Modularization in your company – simply because it will be totally waste of resources if you approach this as a technical project!

On the other hand, the right approach is not that difficult at all – it is actually often both easier and faster, and with the great advantage that it actually gives a POSITIVE business result SIMPLIMIZE ✔

Alaways remember to listen to the:

🔊 Voice of CUSTOMER: Markets and Value Creation

🔊 Voice of BUSINESS: Link to Strategy and Management

🔊 Voice of ENGINEERING: Optimal Function and Structure

🔊 Voice of OPERATIONS: Purchasing, Production and Service

🔊 Voice of MODULARITY: Sales variants vs. Part no.

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