Modularization is relevant for Everyone

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For you who are interested in MODULARIZATION in industrial companies!

…also you who produce products in low numbers or even deliver projects!

Experience and studies show that whether you deliver products in high numbers, low numbers or perhaps as projects, a Modular approach will have a very positive effect on your business and competitiveness.

The figure below shows 6 significant gains that are achieved by thinking MODULARIZATION into its business, but also how these gains will behave differently depending on your company profile.

To many, the introduction of modularisation may seem overwhelming and perhaps very theoretical, but it certainly does not have to be.

But as a Leader, you must of course make sure that the basic premises are present, so that you can achieve a real, fast and lasting effect:

👉 Put MODULARIZATION on the strategic agenda

👉 Ensure equal commercial and technical involvement

👉 Start with the 20% effort which gives 80% value

👉 Be flexible about where, what and how you want to modularize

👉 Gain understanding and an easily accessible methodology e.g. via SIMPLIMIZE

Let me know if you want sparring on this – or get inspiration

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