Simplimize – Simplify to Optimize

Simplimize is a ready-made change process intended for small and mid-size industrial companies. The Simplimize change process is about reassessing and redesigning the company’s product portfolio in order to raise profit and/or prepare for product portfolio growth.
Small or mid-sized Danish companies can fund a Simplimize project through the Danish Industrial Foundation. Meta Management are certified consultants in Simplimize and have vast experience from working with this field in the past 6 years.

Re-think your business in 5 days

The Simplimize approach targets companies whose product portfolio could use a good and thorough revision. Maybe, because the variants have exploded and fixed costs are eating up the profits, or maybe, because the product structure is ill-equipped for future expansions.
Meta Management will guide the company through a certified process, where the product portfolio is analyzed, simplified, and optimized based on a set of Simplimize tools. The process brings together various differentiating perspectives on the product portfolio – from the market perspective to the production perspective – and clarifies how customer needs are fulfilled by product properties and features.

The Simplimize process is divided into 4 steps (depicted in the figure below):

  1. A preparation step, where the company finds participants and defines project aims
  2. A 3-day workshop, where Meta Management facilitates and guides company employees in the use of Simplimize tools
  3. A 2-day workshop, where Meta Management facilitates company employees in building a business plan and an implementation plan for the Simplimize project
  4. An after-action step, where the company carries out proposed changes. The company evaluates the process and results together with Meta Management.

Participants should include top management to ensure that decisions can be approved and committed as well as senior employees from marketing or sales, product development, and operations to ensure that facts and possibilities can be established quickly.
The outcome of the Simplimize process is a plan for an improvement of future product folio and the commitment to do so.


Simplimizing you

Simplimize is a fixed process, but it can be adjusted to fit your company setting and the challenges you are facing. Call us or write us, to get our opinion on if or how Simplimize can benefit your company.

Staying Simplimized

In Meta Management we go the extra mile to ensure that your company’s product portfolio stays Simplimized. We cooperate closely with company employees through the entire process and ensures ownership and anchoring.

Now Simplimize consultant